What is PredictaScore.com?
PredictaScore.com is a football predictions website that allows you to compete against other users from around the world. We offer a platform that not only allows you to outclass others with your football predictions ability, but also rewards you with a prize each week in doing so!

For each competition you're participating in, you will be able to cast your individual fixture predictions before kick-off. If you correctly predict the full-time result for a given fixture, you will gain maximum points for your prediction, which will contribute to your overall points tally in the user league standings for that competition. If you're a Premium user and finish in first place in a given week's Premium Predictor competition, you will win the full prize. Simple!

PredictaScore.com continually strives to provide the best service we can to all of our users globally. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us (our details are at the bottom of each page).

Each month, PredictaScore.com offers a prize to the first-placed user in the Premium Predictor user predictions table. The prize fund increases as more Premium users take part in the competition throughout each week.

A trophy will also be placed under the winner's username, allowing all to see the pure quality of their predictions! All past user trophies are on display here.

All prize funds must be claimed within 30 days.

Good Luck!

At PredictaScore.com, you can join a competition at any stage by navigating to the My Participation page (which is available by clicking on your username at the top-right hand side of the website).

PredictaScore.com currently offers the following competitions:

How to Predict
Once you've selected the competitions you want to participate in, the upcoming fixtures for that competition will be available for you to predict under your My Predictions page.

There is a timer to remind you exactly how long you have left to submit your prediction before kick-off.

If you fail to submit a prediction before the timer elapses, your prediction for that fixture will default to 0-0.

How to Earn Points
For each fixture that you correctly predict, you will earn 3 points. If you predict the score incorrectly, but you correctly predicted the outcome of the fixture, you will gain 1 point. If you were completely wrong with your prediction, you will gain 0 points!

For example:
  • You predicted that the home team would win 2-1. The home did win 2-1. You would gain 3 points for your prediction.
  • You predicted that the fixture would end in a 1-1 draw. The result was 0-0. You would gain 1 point for your prediction.
  • You predicted that the home team would win 2-1. The result was 1-2. You would gain 0 points for your prediction.

Monthly Reset
PredictaScore.com will reset all user prediction tables at the start of each month (for some competitions, this occurs weekly). Doing so ensures fairness to all new and existing users.

Your overall total points will however stay on show for all to see!

Live Fixture Scores
Live scores are provided to PredictaScore.com by http://www.football-data.org/

Team Crests & Competition Logos
All team crests and competition logos belong to their respective institutional owners. PredictaScore.com credits each club with the use of their logos, and links all users to the respective club's official website on the PredictaScore.com 'Team Details' page.

We will happily remove any officially licensed content when instructed to do so by the official owners of all logos and crests used on PredictaScore.com.