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Football Discussion - Barcelona - greatest football comeback ever?
Milad Posted: 09 March 2017 09:00:27
It's officially the biggest comeback in Champions League and European Cup history and an undoubtedly fantastic achievement in line with what we saw at the Super Bowl last month. But where does it rank among the greatest ever football comebacks?

Does the fact that it was only a last-16 tie devalue it against the likes of Istanbul in 2005 or Manchester United's extra-time double in 1999?
Mike Posted: 09 March 2017 09:34:54
That's an interesting point actually.

The BT Sport pundits (the game was free to stream on their site yesterday by the way) were discussing if this was the greatest ever comeback.

I don't like Barcelona as a club, but the mentality to come back from four down before the match, then three down before the end, was simply superb.

But it wasn't in a final though. United did it in 1999 with nearly no time left to go. Liverpool in the mid-2000s with three goals down to claw back in the second half.

Whilst I don't want to take it away from Barcelona, PSG gave up before the game started. Barcelona's line was insanely high however throughout the game, but they started four down.

Hard to say really if it was the best ever. Will definitely go down in history as a great comeback.
blobson Posted: 11 March 2017 15:04:55
It was very good, but PSG are to blame. How could they not hold on for one match? The barca defense was all the way up. terrible
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