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Football Discussion - Whats your best predicting site??
Ola Posted: 14 March 2017 15:35:14
what site is your best predicting site? You will always reach before predicting
Mike Posted: 14 March 2017 16:09:37
For me, I just try to predict naturally based on the football I've watched, as well as the news I've read.
Leo Posted: 14 March 2017 16:13:27
Before I predict I read on a teams performances on the last games. I usually leave my prediction on PaS for the very last minute before deciding on what prediction to go for.
Mike Posted: 14 March 2017 16:40:19
I don't usually wait until the minute for my predictions.

I usually have a good feeling by the day or two before for how I think a fixture will go. I mostly base my predictions on a team's recent form (last two or three games alone), regardless of who they are.
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