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Football Discussion - Monaco v Manchester City
Leo Posted: 15 March 2017 22:36:26
A very incredible game in Monaco! I would never of expected Monaco to have gone through this one, but just like Leicester City did last night, a surprising result came again.

What did you all think of Monaco?
Mike Posted: 15 March 2017 23:36:23
They did extremely well. Apart from me being glad that Man City are out (no bias here!), I think Guardiola had the wrong tactics for this game, and Monaco took advantage of that heavy attacking. There was no need to press like that when playing away from home with a two goal lead.

You can see what it meant to Monaco at the end. Not only are they representing France now alone in the Champions League, but they also withstood the test of falling behind during the game, then coming back.

Great job by them!
Leo Posted: 16 March 2017 13:20:43
Yes! I would agree. It surprised me too. I would like to know what Lawrence O'Leary thought of it, as he was saying on the last episode of PaS TV that he thought Guardiola found the right attacking formula.
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