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Football Discussion - Confederations Cup 2017
Leo Posted: 05 June 2017 03:08:40
What do we think about the Confederations Cup? Who will win
Mike Posted: 05 June 2017 21:49:35
Depends on whether they send full squads or not.

My money is on Germany.
Leo Posted: 17 June 2017 18:43:49
What are your thoughts on the opening game?
Mike Posted: 29 June 2017 22:51:06
My money is still on Germany!
Leo Posted: 30 June 2017 00:06:19
I think Chile will surprise us in the final. Germany are strong as always, but I feel that without key players such as Thomas Mueller who are important game winners, they win struggle to beat a Chile side full of flair and counter attacking players.
Mike Posted: 01 July 2017 09:15:50
Perhaps so. Joachim Low definitely left some key players back in Europe, but they way they dispatched Mexico the other day was impressive and efficient.

I think it'll come down to which of the two value the competition more. Chile have got to a few major finals in recent years, but I think the pressure might get to them versus Germany, who always seem cooler in all matches.
Leo Posted: 01 July 2017 16:49:19
Chile to win on penalties for me.
Mike Posted: 02 July 2017 09:41:42
Germany to win 2-1 in normal time for me.
Mike Posted: 02 July 2017 19:25:29
Excellent start from Chile. Massive screw up by Diaz though, and before you know it, CHile are 0-1 down. Completely against the run of play.
Mike Posted: 02 July 2017 21:58:48
Germany with one opportunistic attempt win the final...

Thank you all for your participation!
sirkuro7804 Posted: 03 July 2017 12:39:42
Pls I top this months confederation prediction.. I haven't received any award ..what should I do?
Mike Posted: 03 July 2017 21:25:09

As discussed via email, we pay all non-UK players via PayPal (as per our rules

Bank transfers can only occur for UK residents, as international bank transfers are expensive and prohibitive.
Mike Posted: 03 July 2017 21:30:55
I see you now have a PayPal account. Excellent! We'll carry out the transfer now.
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