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Football Discussion - help and question
nonybless Posted: 30 September 2017 21:35:31
Want to know if ITALY: Serie A winner get any prize for toping the table for the month and please try to consider people that finish 2nd and 3rd thanks

Leo Posted: 01 October 2017 14:21:20

First of all congratulations on winning the Serie A, very well done. has different type of bracketed leagues, some which are more popular and have prize money and others don't. However, each winner will gain a trophy added to their name in the trophy room and if you achieve a certain amount of trophies this will result in a prize, this is still being discussed by directors. Below are the leagues

Gold - EPL and La liga and Champions League ($20/$50 + trophy
Silver - Serie A and Bundesliga (trophy only)
Bronze- Superliga (trophy only)

We do encourage participation of all leagues.

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